Rogier Tromp is a Dutch songwriter, producer and mixing engineer from Zwolle, The Netherlands. At only 25 years old, Rogier has played in and written for bands, produced records for musicians in a variety of different genres and has currently over 25 million total streams as a songwriter. 


With his own recording studio based in Zwolle Rogier helps his clients produce, write and record professional works that are ready to be shared with the world. From full band recordings, to toplines for the EDM industry; Rogier knows how to adapt to any given genre and will deliver a product that will satisfy his client. Due to his prior live music experience, he has seen both sides of the microphone. He knows how to guide his clients through the process of transforming a demo into a full-fledged song.


Do you have a project that needs production? Do you have a song already recorded but still requires professional mixing? Do you need help writing that catchy hook your song needs? Press Contact and he will help you.


'He knows what he's doing, communicates really well and has a vision for what the final product should sound like.' - Timo Kalsbeek, Jetlag Jenny

'Rogier is a really creative producer with ear for detail. The vibe while recording in his studio is really nice and he strives for quality.' - Annelyse